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Dancing is the best form of exercise you can do for both mind and body!

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EZ Dances

Name of Dance






 1st Time Waltz


"1 2 3" Waltz

 4 5 6 Waltz

 50 Ways (Super Easy)

 A-B Rumba


 AB Kiss Me

 A-B 'L'

 A Little Love Worth Waiting 4

 Bally's Mambo

 Banana Peel


 Beginner Stroll

 Blue Night Cha


 Cajun Thang

 California Freeze

Chica Boom Boom 

 Chiki Cha Cha

 Come Back My Love

 Come Dance with Me

 Cooler Than Me

 Could I Have This Dance

 Corona con Lima


 Cotton Eyed Joe

 Country As Can Be

 Cowboy Charleston


 Cumbia Semana

 Cupid Shuffle

 Dancing Yet?





 Duck Soup


 Eye Candy

 EZ Waltz


 Foxy Girl

 French Toast

 Ghost Train

 Got to be Funky

 Good Morning


 Happy Radio

 Hear My Song

 Hello Dolly

 Hometown Blues

 Honey Pie

 Honky Tonk Stomp

 I Love A Raining Night

 Jo 'N Jo Tango

 Just Because

 Just Imagine


 It's Sad But True


 K Step Boogie

The Lemon Tree

 Let's Chill

 Little Foxtrot

 Little Red Book

 Little Rhumba

                         Looking Good                       

 Love, JoAnn

 Love Repeats

 Mamma Maria

 Moves Like Jagger

 My Lolllipop


 On the Sunny Side of the Street

 Peaches & Cream

 Pick a Bale

 Put on Your Dancin' Boots

 Rita's Waltz

 Rockin' Cha

 Rockin' the Wagon Wheel


 Shy Waltz

 Skinny Genes

 Something in the Water

 Start to Sway

 Stealing the Best

 Stroll Along Cha Cha

 Swingin' Thing

 The Freeze aka Elvira

 This Little Light

 Triple J

 Tush Push

 Two 4 One

 Waltz Across Texas

 Went to Calypso Mexico



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