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Dancing is the best form of exercise you can do for both mind and body!

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 next Sunday Social on November 5th, 2017


 Name of DanceVideo




  A Little Love Worth Waiting 4 ( Absolute Beg)  
  Blessed (Int)  
  Blurry Lines (Beg/Improver)  
  Bosa Nova (Beg/Int)  
  Country as Can Be (Beg)  
  Cowboy Charleston (Beg)

  Eye Candy (Beg)  
  Ghost Train (Beg)  
  Jo 'N Jo Tango (Beg/Int)  
  Lonely Drum (Improver)  
  Peaches & Cream (Beg)  
  Shy Waltz (Beg)  
  Something in the Water (Beg)  
  Stroll Along Cha (Beg)

  Uptown Funk AB (Absolute Beg)  
 Wonderland Waltz (Improver)  

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